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Pelamin Hati Weddings is our baby. A team of young and ambitious man & women who love to fulfill the dream of every couples. Four years in the industry helping her sister making her journey more wonderful. With a painful start, Pelamin Hati is now one of the trusted Wedding Planner in the industry. With the believe for a journey to satisfaction.. we promise to make your dream wedding a reality.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yaya & Nik, Dewan Guthrie 2 Oktober 2010

(Pelamin & Walkway)

Table deco (Meja Beradab)

Close up table deco

Arch & Pelamin

Close up Arch

The 'comel' team :)

Untuk wedding yaya & Nik, kami deco hantaran untuk kedua pihak, busana pengantin persandingan, pelamin, table deco untuk meja beradap, arch & walkway deco. Nanti kami upload lagi gambar ya.. Enjoy the pic.. Do call us for packages provided... :)


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