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Pelamin Hati Weddings is our baby. A team of young and ambitious man & women who love to fulfill the dream of every couples. Four years in the industry helping her sister making her journey more wonderful. With a painful start, Pelamin Hati is now one of the trusted Wedding Planner in the industry. With the believe for a journey to satisfaction.. we promise to make your dream wedding a reality.

Thank you for the trust, comments and critics.
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A journey to satisfaction,
Pelamin Hati.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jaizah & Haziq 21 Feb 2010

Waah.. Penat.. sampai tak sempat nak ambil gambar hasil kerja our team.. Ada, few pics je yang dapat di ambil untuk my dear friend.. Thank you to Jaja & Hubby... May both of you have a wonderful Marriage...

Nanti dah dapat gambar dari pengantin, I'll upload more ya.

Will update lagi nanti bila dapat pics dari pengantin kay..


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