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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pakej Penuh Perkahwinan 2010!!!

Promotion Price for 2010!!!!


1 x Pelamin round custom design with glass of decorated fresh flower & pillow (nikah)
1 x Outdoor/indoor/hall Pelamin (three panel) white based with lights –custom designed –
(sketch provided for approval)
Stage with furry carpet
Two light s stand
Armed chair with choice of black / white
Fresh Flower decoration for pelamin.
Alas kaki for pengantin
Alat merenjis
2 bantal nikah
Kipas x2 (nikah)
Design choice of :
a) Curtain & abstract base
b) Abstract base & chandelier
Arch (fresh flower decoration)
9x dulang hantaran decorated custom design fresh flower
Meja beradab decoration
Guest table decoration (fresh flower)
Room decoration – fairy lights
- Fresh flower decoration according to theme color
Stairs decoration
Red carpet for walkway- outdoor stage
Flower stands at the side of the red carpet x 8

Pekej Lengkap Kanopi executive bersama penanggah beruniform
1x kanopi Arabian for pelamin with cavas & underlayer
1x kanopi Arabian for pengantin & kek 3 tingkat (12pax)
- Two sets of of lauk pengantin
- Backdrop
- Underlayer
- Lampu chandelier
- Table decoration
1xkanopi Arabian for VIP ( with 4 sets of dome with chinaware)
- 4 meja bulat
- 40 kerusi plastic beserta sarung kerusi dan riben
- Alas meja double layer
- Kipas + lampu
- Table decoration
5x Set kanopi Arabian for guest
- 20 round table
- 200 chairs beserta sarung kerusi dan riben
- Table deco
- 2 buffet island
- Kipas
- Lampu

Menu Pengantin
2 sets
2 ekor ikan sweet sour
2 pinggan udang
2 ekor ayam golek
2 buah hiasan
2 pinggan sayur campur
Dessert x12 pax

Menu Cadangan untuk tetamu (sanding) 1000 pax
Nasi briyani Basmathi
Nasi Putih
Ayam Masak merah
Daging masak kurma
Dalca syur
Acar buah
Air sirap limau
Air mineral

Menu cadangan untuk malam berinai x150 pax
Menu Kampung
Nasi Putih
Ayam Goreng rempah
Daging masak asam pedas
Sayur campur
Ulam dan sambal belacan
Buah tembikai
Air oren
Teh tarik

Photographer & Videoman

2 Custom Album 8x12 (up to 80 images)
- Unlimited hours
- Free Outdoor photoshot (CLS Concept)
2 Stick Album ( up to 120 images )
2 8R with wooden frame (Monalisa)
2 Profesional Photographer
Unlimited Images in DVD ( up to 200 images )
2 DVD (duration 30 Minutes ++) with edited DVD cover

Cenderahati for guest x 1000 pieces (cupcakes)
Cenderahati for makan beradab 12 pieces (custom design)

3x Make up (saidatul Nisa & Team)
Persalinan untuk malam berinai
DJ & PA System
Kompang sanding
Emcee x 1 day
Custom made corsaj x 12

**Free Hand Bouquet for nikah & sanding


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